/ SKYN sex toys « Explore yourself » / 2019

This July 20th 2019 marks 50 years since man’s first step on the moon. 50 years since we entered previously un-imaginable, uncharted territory, ushering in a new era in exploration.
SKYN decided to take advantage of this remarkable anniversary to get people thinking about an area we often forget to explore – ourselves – with a campaign for the launch of its new line of intimate accessories.
The film is accompanied by an outdoor campaign featuring the tagline “Exploring space is wonderful. Exploring ourselves should be too”, with billboard trucks in front of NASA headquarter (Washington DC) the symbol of space exploration and in front of SpaceX headquarter (California), the corporation Elon Musk founded with the aspiration of reaching Mars.


Mornet Landa - SKYN space - photo 1
Mornet Landa - SKYN space - photo 2
Mornet Landa - SKYN space - photo 3