/ KFC “Bucket Bangers“ / 2020

For decades superstars from around the world have been quoting KFC in their songs. From Run DMC to Kanye West. From Beastie Boys to Drake. So we launched Bucket Bangers, the first playlist that gathers the 46 best songs mentioning KFC on Spotify which came with a large outdoor, street marketing digital campaign using the 46 punchlines as 46 advertising headlines.
Then when Kanye West and his wife went to a Parisian KFC to order chicken, we created a tribute bucket with West’s lyrics and we fixed a commemorative plaque on the kiosk they used. The day after Kim Kardashian surprised us by retweeting these images and generated billions of impressions on social and worldwide mainstream media… for free !
A tribute campaign that calls out the long romance between pop culture and KFC.

Mornet Landa - KFC bucket bangers - BAT
Mornet Landa - KFC bucket bangers - Kardashian
Mornet Landa - KFC bucket bangers -citations